Service Above Self


Sherwood Carthen

Bishop Sherwood Carthen was born September 2, 1959, moving to Sacramento in the early 1970’s with his loving Christian family. He was called to the ministry at age 16 and became pastor of the Sacramento Church (later known as “Family Worship Center”) at the age of 20, serving there 20 years.  Bishop Carthen became active in local and national issues and quickly became a leading figure in the faith community and one of the strongest spiritual voices in Sacramento. He worked diligently to partner with city officials and local police to reduce neighborhood violence in Sacramento. He worked closely with coalitions, church leaders and law enforcement officials to develop the Ceasefire project and the Cops and Clergy initiative. The goal of the Cops & Clergy program is to develop trust through building relationships between the Sac PD, the clergy and the communities they both serve, and it has been a great success.

In 2004, Bishop Carthen organized Bayside of South Sacramento church, drawing a diverse congregation with a focus on love for their community. He was a family man, devoted to his beloved wife, children and grandchildren.

Until his passing in 2013, Bishop Carthen served several years as the Sacramento Kings beloved Chaplain, known as “Rev” at the Arena.

He loved well and lived these words: “We build trust by building relationships. And building relationships builds history.” Because of the deep relationships Bishop Carthen built, his influence and credibility leave a lasting legacy not only in our city, but throughout our nation. He will never be forgotten.